Life, Death, & the Faces and Places Between
by Donald Alan Straub III


From poet Donald Alan Straub III, comes the unforgettable and eclectic poetry collection, Life, Death, & the Faces and Places Between. An honest, contemplative, and profound literary assortment that not only examines what’s familiar and conventional, but delves deeper into uncommon facets of everyday life.

A dazzling kaleidoscope of poetry by Straub, this compilation of poems looks beyond the surface of both the big and small events that encompass our lives. The fifty-seven captivating poems tackle a variety of subjects from hate crimes to love ballads, from surviving cancer to surviving the 9-11 tragedy, and from Mother Nature to the nature of man. Set against the backdrop of living in these unpredictable times, the poems in this book are a reflection of the world, both exceptional and dire. As we search for greater meaning in life, these poems are encouraging reminders of the world’s possibilities.

Candid, susceptible, and self-reflective, Life, Death, & the Faces and the Places Between is a fascinating journey across the world today. Using an enthralling diversity of poetic styles, this book will inspire the reader to look at life through fresh eyes. The poems were inspired by firsthand experiences, observations of others, and thoughts that seemed to spill out upon the page. It is a fascinating and vulnerable exploration told through the lyrical gems of a poet poised for wide recognition.